Sarah Soderlund

Forensic Psychology & Parapsychology Researcher

 Sarah Soderlund MA/CH

            Slightly obsessed with the strange and unusual, Sarah Soderlund is a forensic psychology and parapsychology researcher who specializes in scientific and supernatural forms of criminal profiling and behavior assessment. Sarah is a wife, mother of two young boys and balances family life with psychology research and educational studies. Sarah Soderlund is a published author and graduate student focusing on psychopathy of the violent offender and transpersonal psychology.  You can find Sarah working with clients whom have had extreme hauntings, exorcisms or even doing assessments and research on those who have committed unthinkable crimes. Soderlund has been featured on A&E "An American Haunting" and has investigated worldwide as a student affiliate to the Parapsychological Association in more than 11 countries.  She can be seen lecturing along side famous television celebrities at conferences and debates about paranormal phenomenon or curious creatures and Sarah teaches private workshops on cognitive processes of the mind on a regular basis. 

      Soderlund obtained her Masters in Forensic Psychology in 2015  and is currently studying independently to complete here PsyD with a focus on psychopathy and neuropsychological studies.  Sarah recently finished an honors mentor program and Law Enforcement program with the state of Minnesota and uses crisis intervention, cultural diversity and other tactics of psychology to mentor officers within the field. Her undergraduate focus includes a BA in Criminal Justice, BA in Psychology and a minor in Sociology wherein she began her publications and debates within her field professionally. She became a licensed hypnotherapist and holistic practitioner in 2011 after having worked more than a decade in social services and with the guidance of mentor, David Alexander. Her first published book, "Haunted by the Abyss" in 2015 highlights some of the traumatic spiritual life events that have fueled Sarah's continued passion in understanding the mysteries of the unknown. Her second publication, "Quantum Parapsychology" with co-author Dave Jacobs, illustrates how modern science can be used to explain ghostly phenomenon. 

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Online Publications & Podcast

Sarah hosts a weekly podcast with ParaMania Radio, Intrepid Radio and IPBN-FM Radio out of Minneapolis, MN called, State of Mind.  With local topics, mental health theories, adventures of NLP and self-hypnosis that range in topics from conspiracy theory to psychopathy in America.  LIVE every Tuesday night at 9pm CST and easy to listen from your mobile device via TUNEIN App. 

Sarah also contributes writings to online publications in a range of topics.  Weekly features with Jeff Belanger and Ghost Village on paranormal topics and also monthly articles featured by Supernatural Magazine.  Sarah also is a contributing writer for the Women in Science Organization (GWIS-Xi Chapter), Parapsychological Association, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Newsletter Co-Editor, and is featured as a writer and radio guest to programs around the world. Contact Sarah today for past shows, some of the favorites are below: 

Click here to listen to Sarah Soderlund's recent feature as guest on the Halloween Special Broadcast on Coast to Coast AM LIVE with Darkness Dave Schrader. Ghost stories, paranormal discussion and talk of the book, Haunted by the Abyss.