Sarah Soderlund

Forensic Psychology & Parapsychology Researcher

Sarah Soderlund is an experienced researcher and author, most noted for her works as 'Paranormal Sarah', and is currently living in Minnesota, USA. Sarah holds a Masters degree in forensic psychology and four accomplished undergraduate degrees in law enforcement, criminal justice, behavioral psychology and sociology.  With a specialty in linguistics, NLP and cognitive processes of the mind, Sarah combines modern scientific research with ancient cultures and customs to explore strange phenomenon.  Having explored more than eleven countries worldwide, lectured alongside some of the most influential people in her field and being a published author, Sarah is helping to document the strange and unusual with objective skepticism and passion. 

By being here, it means that you have a yearning to learn more about yourself and the spiritual journey that you are on. Through counsel, guidance and holistic therapy, I have found that living with paranormal phenomenon is not only possible, but can help you reach the enlightenment you desire.  Synchronicity has brought you here, now let's explore the strange and unusual together!

MISSION : 'To conduct research within the field of parapsychology and forensic psychology that will allow those suffering from audio/visual and kinesthetic anomalies that cannot be explained by rational science, to have a place of refuge and be a source of information. To help fight the misdiagnosis of paranormal activity and mental illness and to offer a helping hand and open heart to those in need of validation and guidance. 

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Sarah Soderlund MA/CH is the author of HAUNTED BY THE ABYSS (2015) and QUANTUM PARAPSYCHOLOGY (2017).