Sarah Soderlund

Forensic Psychology & Parapsychology Researcher


Quotes Sarah is not your typical psychic. She really cares about people and spends all the time necessary to answer your questions. She has a great aura that allows clients, like myself, to relax and be myself during her reading. Her guidance is uncanny! Super accurate! I would highly recommend her to family, friends or anyone I come in contact with. She is fantastic! Quotes
Randy M
Health Care Professional and stock futures trader

Quotes Your insight in spectacular, you come across with a very HIGH energy & bright light that you constantly shine for the world to see! Your professionalism is off the charts & your photography is some of the best that I've seen. You have an eye for the art & you have a way of drawing in all the elements around you for the most amazing picture that is possible. In a few short days of meeting you, you have changed my view of the world, my optimism, my attitude toward the world of paranormal investigations, and broadened my horizons, as a photographer. I would highly recommend ANY service you provide - whether it be your readings, photography, or an event "speaker!" You hold SO much light in you that you can't help but shine it for the world to see! Quotes
Rebecca Giddens
Satisfied customer

Quotes Sarah Harmon is the real deal and i can trust her to give me a good reading when needed...I can trust sarah with my life :) Shes a great friend and a great person Quotes
Real Deal

Quotes My last reading from Sarah was at the end of March, 2011. Sarah never fails to amaze me with her abilities! This time, she was describing what my uncle always wore. yet, he wouldn't tell her his name. But she knew his given name wasn't what people called him. it took me about 2 weeks to figure out who this man was. But I did. And she was spot on with his clothing and also that we never called him by his given name! She recently told me that my calcium level was low and to get checked by my doctor. I did as she said. And sure enough! I now have to take suppliments. Thank you so much for catching that Sarah!!! Quotes
Another great reading from Sarah!

Quotes Thank you for all you do and for the reading I had in the beginning of the year. Since then I have confidence in the signs I have been given from my loved ones. I know that they are around me. I always questioned myself but since my reading with you I can trust myself and the messages I receive. Thanks a million! Quotes
Tammy B.
Client from Bloomington, MN

Quotes I just wanted to let you know, that you have shown me that there are psychics out there, that are in this field to find true answers, and that there are some out there that are trying to find evidence to backup what they are picking up on. Quotes
Jason Hale
Paranormal Investigator at OSPH

Quotes Sarah, We wanted to "Thank You" so much for all your help in our reading's and the future plan's and life style's and change's you told us about. It is almost to the day for my wife's change that you saw for her and a few week's after for me. So once again "Thank You" for all your help. Quotes
Steve and Sue F.
Private Sector

Quotes I went to Sarah for help with opening up past blocked memories and she was amazingly helpful. She keeps in great contact throughout the entire process (cause it's a long one) and provides wonderful tools to help unlock the mind. Her voice is very soothing and the meditation cds she made me for are things I can use forever. Thank you! Quotes

Quotes Thank you so much Sarah! You were right about so many things. And what is even more amazing is that you were able to do this from another State .You have a very special gift.Take care & God Speed Quotes
Paranormal Research & Investigation

Quotes Amazing ! Sarah, did a reading for me & it was so was exactly what had been going on in my Son's life at the time, that I was dealing with & I also rec'd messages from my passed relatives. It helped me to understand & see the positive outcome. Sarah, is a brilliant,spiritual,beautiful (inside & out) , talented woman. Can't go wrong here ! Quotes
Customer & Spiritual Friend