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Research & Projects

Being a student and investigator means that research is the forefront of my passions within the paranormal field. Making a living and creating valid research has proven to be a very difficult task within a department of science and spirituality that does not quite fit anywhere. Below are some of my current projects for which I am in constant production. Please feel free to ask questions, explore and let me know if you're interested in any of the projects listed below:


I am currently working on three books as well as doing article submissions for TAPS paramagazine, FATE Magazine, Unexplained Magazine and other paranormal publications. The following are the books in progress:

* Self-Validation : Powers of the Mind

This is a book I am co-authoring with my sister and fellow psychic.

* Quantum Mechanics of the Paranormal World

This is a book I'm writing with an engineer from the East Coast who shares my passion within the paranormal. This book describes how quantum mechanics helps to valide the paranormal field and describes how.

* The Sarah LaMorte Series

This is a series of short stories and educational books that each teach a subtopic of parapsychology or the paranormal and are fun for all ages. Mostly short stories, poems and illustrations, these books teach in more ways than one.


Getting funding for my paranormal studies is a constant struggle and therefore I am always looking for educational and professional venues to house my research. Below are some projects I'm currently working on:

* Binaural Beat Studies: Doing binaural beat sessions coupled with testimony and statistics to see how it effects each person differently and how it relates to the paranormal experience.

* Conditioned Responses : Comparing those who have been taught to reject the fear response to those who have not in the midst of a paranormal investigation and note the differences in perception.

* The God Helmet : How it's use can better advance the psychology field by validating its conclusions to those experiencing a haunting.


* I cannot give away all my secrets...


Currently working within the film community on TOP SECRET Paranormal documentaries that will illuminate some new topics within the field.

I am also working on a project called, BLACK ICE, that is a film project that highlights and brings cryptozoology to life. Check Facebook for more information!

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