Sarah Soderlund

Forensic Psychology & Parapsychology Researcher

Sarah Soderlund a.k.a. Paranormal Sarah


You have found your way  to the Home Page of Sarah Soderlund aka Paranormal Sarah. By being here, it means that you not only share an intimate passion for the paranormal field, but possibly also have a yearning to learn more about yourself and the spiritual journey that you are on. Through counsel, guidance and holistic therapy I have found that living with paranormal phenomenon is not only possible, but can help you reach the enlightenment you desire.

Explore the following pages and join Paranormal Sarah on her journey towards changing the world of Parapsychology and Forensic Psychology Research.


MISSION : 'To conduct research within the field of parapsychology that will allow those suffering from visual or audio anomalies that cannot be explained by rational science to have a place of refuge. To help fight the misdiagnosis of paranormal activity and mental illness and to offer a helping hand and open heart to those in need of validation.'